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We offer over 80 online training courses so you will find something of interest but how will you get the most out these courses? We have put together a few points for you to bear in mind when underatking our training courses.

  • What is the reason you are taking the course, was it your choice or your employer, will it help you progress at work. Knowing this will help you focus on the course.
  • Take notes as you watch the videos as you may want to refer back to the training during the course of your work, it will also help you with the questionnaires within the material.
  • Take you time and don’t rush, that way you will learn more.
  • It is a good idea to check that your computer will show the courses, you may need the latest version of your web browser. You will find more help in the FAQ section of this website.
  • Try not top be distracted by your phone, your computer or people around you. It may be useful to consider using headphones so you don’t distract others.
  • Consider taking breaks after each questionnaire, maybe make yourself a drink, take a break from your desk. It will help you focus.
  • If you have any questions then contact us via general@collatonconsultancy.com
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